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Maths Tuition with Kate Stubbs
South Brent, Devon

Kate Stubbs private maths tuition in Devon

Maths is a topic that has a wide variety of potential barriers to learning, there are many common misconceptions and confusions that once identified can lift the veil of frustration surrounding maths and build confidence. Careful presentation, differentiation and a variety of stimulating and fun activities are essential to cater for individual learning styles and learning difficulties/differences.

Kate has an arts background which inspires her to present concepts visually or kinaesthetically to students who may struggle in school with written texts. Once these underlying concepts are understood the student can learn to work with conventional written symbols.

Base ten blocks help this student to visualise place value, hence multiplying and dividing decimals by tens, hundreds etc. Handling solid objects and discussing his finding, then writing them down engage different areas of the brain, so develop an all round deeper cognitive understanding.

A student centred approach leads Kate to explore and value the knowledge that students bring to their classes, so that she can relate maths to their practical lives and encourage their ownership of the subject. Kate aims to facilitate the students’ investigations and enjoyment of discovering their own solutions.

Her student is making fractions out of plasticine to compare top heavy fractions with mixed fractions, then transferring her findings into written figures. Once her cognitive understanding was cemented, she discovered shortcuts for converting between top heavy and mixed fractions.

Customer comments

“The lessons make me want to do my work, they make maths more pleasurable and I realise that I can get the grades with Kate’s help”
Matt Clayton
“Since going to Kate’s lessons there has been a massive improvement in Gracie’s confidence towards maths overall. Her school teacher says that there’s a noticeable change in her learning ability; Gracie’s happy to have a go whereas before she just froze.”
“I love maths now. I used to not like it.”