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Private Tuition In South Brent, Devon
with Kate Stubbs

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Build confidence
Pass exams
Move up a level
Catch up with the basics or missed topics
Overcome learning difficulties like dyslexia
Relate maths to your individual interests
Be comfortable with the pace of learning
Choose the amount of homework
Receive feedback on progress and assessment
Allow learning to be fun in a relaxed environment
Choose 1:1 or learn with a friend
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These students are playing a game that they created with Kate, using subitising to strengthen number connections. It was a lot of fun!

11 Plus & Primary to GCSE Maths Tuition
For all ages

Kate Stubbs private 11 plus tutor, maths primary and GCSE tuition

Kate is a qualified teacher, for 7 years she delivered maths and English in FE. Since 2011 she has tutored 11+ and maths from primary age to adults, up to GCSE, also primary English, helping students to achieve their goals.

A background in the arts inspires Kate to facilitate learning using creative, visual, fun and kinaesthetic activities.

While teaching at Cornwall College from 2007-14, Kate regularly worked with students who had difficulties with learning, so developed strategies to help learners with specific differences, such as dyslexia.

Adult Maths Tuition
Stu needs GCSE maths to train for a career change, he has dyslexia and finds visual, kinaesthetic activities enable him to understand equivalent fractions.

Students of any age are welcome to work with Kate one to one, in pairs or in small groups. Sharing lessons can stimulate learning.

Coaching for the 11+ exams is important because the questions are very different from the tasks that children learn at school.

Enjoy exploring this site and please contact Kate if you would like to discuss how she can help you or to arrange a no obligation meeting.

Customer comments

Sarah Richardson
“Kate has a way of unpressurised calm, working out answers with Millie as a team. She never says ‘No’, gets her thinking and her confidence up. Kate has an empathy with the children.”
“When I joined in 2011 I moved up a set, in 2014 I also moved up a set, constantly progressing.”
Jane Gruitt
“Joe’s got really confident with his maths and he’s more enthusiastic, like using the money when we play monopoly!”